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Graphic design

We can design the layout of any complexity (postcards, business cards, brochures, packaging, etc ...), and if you are particularly sensitive about design of their products, we will create a whole catalog (with pictures!). Branded portfolio and catalogs allow you to present your products in a unique way, designed in your corporate style, and presents its merits in the most exquisite way. Whatever you want to create, no matter how far your imagination has gone into the design - we will accept any challenge. We work in the following areas:
Corporate identity:
- naming
- logo design
- the creation of corporate identity
- development of branding products
- brand book development
packaging design;

Web design

It has long been said that if you do not have your own website — you don't exist. Any business, whether small or large, should have web-representation. We'll create for your business-quality Internet resource that will distinguish you from your competitors.
We are engaged in:
- multi-page site design and landing pages
- development of promotional pages
- e-commerce websites
- site restyling
- development of site's architecture, usability, ergonomics
- programming
- prototyping
- responsive design for mobile devices
- content creation
- technical support
- technologies: html5, css3, php5, javascript, bem, sass, gulp, haml
- mobile applications design


What you want to share with people, certainly requires exceptional, memorable design. A photograph, framed in unique corporate identity - this is exactly what you need to ensure that your advertising was worthy of attention. We can take your product to a new level and show it from a new side! The original idea guarantees your success. It's in your hands, and we can create not just advertising photography and exceptional object of art.
We specialize in:
- advertising photoshooting
- still and object photography
- model portfolio
- beauty
- fashion
- interior photography
- photoshoots for catalogs

Recent projects